Here's who is Chinese copy of Kim Kardashian (Photo)

While the popularity of Kim Kardashian as it comes and grows, photos an Asian bukurosheje, which is known as the "Chinese Kim Kardashian" have invaded the Internet. She is a model, her name is Nicolette Lacson and lives in the USA. For more see the pictures and make them differentiate.

Paris Hilton with the same coating as the last year for Halloween

Beauty Paris Hilton has chosen the same style as last year for Halloween Party. Hilton took part in the celebration along with her ​​boyfriend, Spanish model River Viiperi. It seems that this style likes mostly Paris Hilton, if not for the fact that this dress looks very attractive and if there have been for this to be said that has come up with the best.

Tirana: 3 divorced women seeking men

3 History divorced women seeking a new man is comedy which Inis director John will bring in early November for public capital city. This comedy is about 3 women who have lost husbands or rather the latter have left them. These women bring an announcement: "We want a husband" and hope that someone cares about them. Get ready for the Comedy theater in this work Teer interesting that the role of three women will play Romir Zalla,, Jonida Vokshi and Adriana Tolku three highly popular and charismatic figures of the screen.

Wife of John Terry exposed during evening star Chelsea.

Wife of John Terry was exposed during weekends with her ​​husband. Toni Terry has spent an evening entertainment along with John in one of the club with the voice of London. Chelsea's famous player then take the penalty for racism performances of 4 matches has used the occasion for fun with his wife until the early hours of the morning. Numerous drinks and entertainment without borders have led to women that John Terry to move somehow her blouse exposed her, which can not be lost by the paparazzi.

Kourtney Kardashian exaggerating the public ....

Sister of Kim Kardashian, Kourtney has exaggerated somewhat in the first week with her ​​partner. Kourtney is pictured during the moment you meet her partner while the latter has somewhat excessive putting hands in embarrassment Kourtney Kardashian. Beauty 33-year-old who is the mother of two children should be told that there is a more attractive body as much as her partner could not resist them anymore.

Upton stunning as the parable of Brigitte Bardot

Model Kate Upton is implementing a photographic service in '60s style magazine "V" Kate Upton stunning once again appeared in some photos the "prapakuintave" published in photographic service that is finally realized.

Model has issued Twitter images of themselves in the style of the 60s, to give fans a "lasagna" of the work he is doing for the magazine "V".

While the one in the picture looks like wants to be the image of Brigitte Bardot.

Above all, the picture is clearly showing a Kate with heavy false eyelashes, natural lips and thick dark eyebrows.

Her blonde hair looked like her sweet face frame, while the body as always there is nothing to criticize.

Promote book Pipa Middleton

Pippa Middleton, sister of Princess Kate, has introduced its first book "Celebrate", a much talked about and much awaited book. Moments of joy experienced Pippa Middleton to release in its first book sale across the UK.

As you know, after the marriage of her sister, Kate Willimas prince, Pippa Middleton, was able to "grab" the attention of the media around the world, even in some cases it compared with her ​​sister Princess Kate.

Split shifts, craft not forget

Actress Lindsay Lohan is known for its preference kleptomanike while stealing recently conducted has not been able to escape from police. The star of the scenes filming of the comedy 'Scary Movie 5' tried to steal clothing worth $ 15 thousand dollars.

'During the filming of the scenes in Atlanta are gone skirts and blouses available, which were later found in the closet of Lindsay Lohan. I suppose he thought that are unseen souvenirs, such as soap in the hotel 'revealed a source close to the actress for American website' RadarOnline '. Given that did not pay off the removal of such a huge star, the producers decided to keep Lindsay's team of the film, while the actress was down 15 thousand dollars from the royalty.

Remember that this is not the first time that 26-year-old actress is accused of stealing.

Several months ago the star of the film 'A Beautiful Life' was accused of a theft that had occurred within a villa in Hollywood, where Lohan had been invited. During a party held in luxury home 'lost' two wristwatch and a pair of glasses too expensive, the value of which amount to 100 thousand dollars.
Self was the first home owner accused precisely Lohan for their disappearance, but is not yet confirmed if the actress really had stolen.

Kim sex video on sale for 30 million dollars?

Kim Kardashian is reportedly terrified after the second video sex where she is with her ​​ex-boyfriend Ray J was put on sale for 19 million pounds (30 million dollars). Hottest images show the beautiful 32-year-old engaged in erotic actsformer boyfriend, which are even more heated than the first video, which was issued in 2007.

'Kim is definitely in this video. She is even hotter than the last one. There are all kinds of moments that draw the eyes of the country ', the source told the Daily Star.

Angela just focused on career

Albanian Beauty, Angela Martini, has announced that for the moment is not about love, but not likely to start a love affair with someone.

Known model seems to be dedicated to her career as a stylist, of course without withdrawing from the trestles where often sfilon itself as models - report Vipat.

How much will remain Angela this status-promise, we do not know, as a beautiful girl as she is always under the supervision of the male eye.

Rozana Radi photographed in underwear

Singer ekstravagande Rozana Radi are photographed her of Interior, and the singer has not hesitated to tell them and the color of her favorite underwear.
For more see the picture and its perfect body ...

What bothers Angela Martin?

"It is three o'clock after midnight and I do not get to sleep", so wrote on the files world-renowned Albanian model Angela Martini.

She also writes on social network Facebook, after this insomnia will travel to Germany. What to torment he Albanian bukuroshen?! Only she knows ....

Ronel: I was about Flori Mumajesin, I've

Ronel  Hayati singer said in conversation with dr.Florin, spectacle "Vip" that has been associated with Flori Mumajesin and she suffered a lot.

Ronel has told Dr. Gold for the suffering that has caused this relationship and after separation. It is unknown which may have been why Ronel chose this reality to tell a secret of her life.

As we all know, a few years ago Ronel Hayati began to collaborate with the studio Flori Mumajesit, which at that time did the song "Forget", which Ronel ran the "Magic Song" and made quite a fuss, not only for the song , but also for performance.

Art premises at the time, said that gold and Ronel are connected together, but no one ever said anything publicly. Later, Ronel left gold studio, collaborating with other names.

"Tom Cruise" and "Mission: Impossible 5"

Tom Cruise has revealed plans to produce the fifth film "Mission: Impossible", and says that he will continue to reprise the role of Ethan Hunt while the audience to enjoy it yet.

"I started 'Mission: Impossible' hoping it will be able to create many of them. Is a character which can blossom. At that time it was the most expensive film in the history of Paramount Pictures, and the first film that produces me. "

"It was very exciting. Viewing the public to respond ... to have this experience is really wonderful. I will make many of them. I will do as much as people want to see ... because it is very challenging and very fun to do, "Cruise told Total Film magazine.

Italian Kiss Me babble "Arjan Cani Live in the show"!!(Exclusive Video) ..

Emission Free Zone is one of the most followed emissions in Albania, which airs every Friday ter on TV guest Klan.Te this Friday was among other things an Italian models, which live buss program leader Arjan Cani.Italian and Cani presenter was once kissing 2-3 edge in transmission live.Ky kind of show is famous for its themes, as everyone is free to speak and act as he pleases.

Some untold For Eliza Dushku

Famous actress Eliza Dushku Albanian origin American magazine wrote "" 25 things that people do not know about it.

Following you announce the publication of the article of Eliza Dushku in 'U.S. Magazine':
1. I'm usually in the kitchen catastrophe.

2. Can make traditional dishes of world class ...

3. I am a treasure of the Albanian nation, along with Belushi family and Mother Teresa!

4. Participation in the movies and on TV have given me another sense, but also achievement.

5. I am fanatical "Archbishop Desmond Tutu."

6. The city of Boston is my beloved city.

7. Aggression is very common for me.

8. I have again broken ribs, arm, but also his nose.

9. Whoever gets on the phone to try three times that you brought my secretary.

10. Nickname while growing up was "Corky Shmeshman". But now my boyfriend, Rick Fox, with calls "Shmubula".

Masiela Lusha, from Tirana to red carpet Hollywood

Masiela Lusha was born October 23, 1985, in Tirana. Albanian is an actress and writer living in America.

Masiela Lusha finished high school and attended college in California and later moved to UCLA, where he completed for the English. Lives in California and in 2007 founded the company "Illuminary Pictures".
In 2000 makes debut in the movie "father love" as Liza. Is known for the role of Carmen Lopez on the sitcom. Has appeared in an episode of the television series Law & Order and Muertas film in 2007, and in the movie "Time of a comet" in 2008.
Played the role of Sharon in the movie "Blood": "last vampire" alongside Jun Ji-Hyun

Bleona Qereti, 'No Fear' evictions Nudo (Photos)

After the show in a nude video, which was recorded while she was preparing to go out on stage during a concert in Pristina, Bleona Qereti comes back nudo.Ajo has some really provocative stills for the magazine 'English', trying tobe covered but it looks like an impossible mission.

During the interview, she said she would prefer to take part in the action films, but has not done it so far, as it is dedicated to music.

Vali Requires 100,000 Euro to join VIP leads 3

This is the reaction of Vali Corleone in connection with the invitation that has had to enter the VIP leads 3
"The friend is not true that I am at Vip Today these are lies PERSHKAQE EU SHIKUSHMERIN ALSO FULL won ETC. It is true that ME KAN AND UN call I beg (100.MI EURO) for a NAT and HY with EU ATY PARTY WITH DJ 2 MIT WITH DANCERKA AND PI alcohol UN FULL BECAUSE I HAVE travel costs of Ronda EEJJ, even Because SHIKUSHMERI absolute MAX. The these EURO 100.MI I beg PERSHKAQE THAT 50.MI FOR FUEL of diesel GJIPAV and KERREV ZHAG ground ship JAN BECAUSE ALL WITH BIG Machine absolute and 50.MI for the poor OK FIRST UN KAM SA Pacific Ocean POR DO NOT WANT someone with JA THY 1.MILJON because QURANAT KAN dEATH IF I GIVE Vyn JA A with THY JA never OK Who do I want SHUUM WHO DO WITH DON NOT agreed those EGSISTOJN in absolute GLOB OF JAN surplus land you provide for this. THIS IS NOT REAL NEWS lie that has declared it VOGLUSHJA INDIA UN'm in Vip NO EC INDIA OR MAYBE deceived 100.MI JE NIS ME MI PRU HH? Ahahaha absolute. The MEDIA respect YOU ALSO BUT when my name possibly first're looking FACEBOOKIN TIM OFFICIAL IS A NO THEN are published because I really do not like them and those MDOJN MU OK deceived, "concluded Vali in his response.

Jennifer Aniston is against diets

Famous actress Jennifer Aniston told the magazine 'OK' that she does not believe in dieta.Gjithashtu Aniston has confessed that there were problems with the weight of her body even has undergone some aesthetic interventions without success.

'I stopped the diet when I realized that I just have to eat regular, healthy and sparingly.

Seems pointless when someone initially impairs the body with fast food and fat and then start the diet, 'said Aniston.

For some time now lovely actress is engaged to her colleague Justin Theroux.

Christina Aguilera exaggerating with photoshop-in (PHOTO)

Photoshop for years, has become a solution for artists when they go through the magazine cover, to eliminate defects tyre.Por seems that Christina Aguilera has exaggerated this trick.

She has appeared on advertising of her perfume, the most exquisite and elegant than ever, while it is known that 31-year-old has severe problem with lines lately.

Dior terminate Kunisin off

Mila Kunis, the actress married to Ashton Kutcher was chosen to be the image of the Dior brand bags line. But it seems that now there will be më.Përgjegjësit Dior advertisements are furious to increase its weight because it is often photographed with Ashton who has an image not so convenient for Dior.

Queens is replaced immediately with new actress Jennifer Lawrence. But it is said that the choice of Dior is right after Kunis is always required to directors and producers after its announcement by the magazine 'Esquire' best female sex.

Beauty from Brazil offends Albanian men (photos)

Andres recounts her journey from Rio to Tirana. Her life seems like a Brazilian soap opera, but in fact her life vërtetë.Andresa Ambrosio already has about three years living and working in Bangladesh. All identified as Andres Arditi, or Andres 'Albanian Sunday' program, which gave her fame in our country, although it shows that people do not feel famous. Conversation with Andresen's all 'ala-brasiliana', as he'd love to say it to yourself. It's simple, honest and not avoid any question about her life, which outside lights show Sunday was not so simple. Raised in Brazil by her grandmother and a father who has denied his daughter, Andres recounts her journey from Rio in Tirana, with a small stop in Rome knew the love of her life, Mirko. A life, which seems like a Brazilian soap opera, but in fact her real life.

Andres, you have nearly three years that are part of the 'Albanian Sunday' with Arditi. How was all this time for you?
For me it is like to be at home. I go there, I welcome all. In all office staff with Arditi. Discuss their work, make jokes, then I get the text I need for my presentation in the philippines.

Jennifer Lopez celebrated the first anniversary of the connectivity

American Beauty, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, have celebrated their first anniversary bonding, exchanging love messages on Twitter. Lovers exchanged messages romantic social network during Tuesday to mark the first anniversary of their relationship.

'Today is your day, thank you share your beautiful smile with me every morning', said J-Lo, while Casper replied: 'Congratulations on the first anniversary of man's most fantastic, better, sweeter, most ridiculous and most beautiful in the world. I love you. '

Despite the fact that they have failed three marriages, 43-year-old is very happy with dancer 25 years old, which is connected after the split from Marc Anthony.

Gisele Bundchen, a provocative set (PHOTO)

Mario Testino photographs showed a few days ago that he made a great struggle to get Gisele Bundchen as models, since no one was confident that it could become models. Now it has become the model most famous and richest in the world. Meanwhile, she has posed for another famous photographer, Terry Richardson.

It is a set of pictures for Brazilian magazine 'Harper's Bazaar', where 32-year-old appears quite provocative.    27_10_12_46144_g3.jpg

8 hour massage for Mariah Carey

Pop superstar Mariah Carey had to look for the eight-hour comedy Sacha Baron Cohen while he was in a marathon masazhi.Këngëtarja shouted at her home a masseur in Los Angeles and forced him to watch the movie five times and relax musclesdives.

A source said that massage cost $ 1500.

Roxy Sanchez Latin sex beauty

Latina sex Roxy Sanchez has a close cooperation with renowned photographer Arthur St.Johnom, and as a result of their collaboration comes this editorial worth shikojm.Roxy has shown that Latin American women have sex and possessing bodyall the attributes that men like.

Adelina Berisha declared 'Miss Benelux' (Photos)

Phenomenal success of the beautiful 17-year-old, who lives in Belgjikë.Adelina Berisha, 17-year-old from Peja, but recently living in Belgium, has been declared 'Miss Benelux 2013'.

Exactly, Kosovo has been selected by the jury as a representative of the beauty of the three countries as Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.
Adelina Berisha could be said to be 'Miss'-youngest in the world seems to exactly what will be selected to represent Belgium during the next beauty pageant,' Miss World 2013 '.adelina_4.jpg

Kanye West Kardashian family

Rapper Kanye West loves to be part of the Kardashian family, from the time when it is about Kim Kardashian. 35-year-old, who is about that long with one of the sexiest women in the world, so I like to be part of the family originating in Armenia, because they think they are very friendly.

He sees even the mother of Kim as his mother, after his own mother died in 2007 after complications from plastic surgery.

'I know that he is missing his mother and he wants to be with the family of Kim, to be more connected with them, in order to feel better.

it likes to be around them and they love Kanye, he is already part of the family. He does not need to betroth or marries, he is already married and do not know ', said a source TMZ.

Plan to marry

Kim Kardashian is planning to marry Kanye West. According to the latest news, Moneybags is planning to spend about $ 8.5 million after the divorce to marry basketball player Kris Humphries.

'Kim has already contacted a wedding planner and is believed to Barbara Walters, who made ​​the weddings of Jennifer Lopez and many other stars,' said a source.

Are perfect family

Are beautiful and sincere, even when playing the role of a serial killer, kill gently. Brad and Angelina are made for each other. They are the most beautiful couple in botëAi is one of the most beautiful men in the world, biondi between size, divi biggest Hollywood.

It is a masterpiece of nature: tall about 1 meter 83 centimeters, with long blond hair to his shoulders, and cerulean eyes seem to laugh at himself. With sunglasses look even more beautiful.

The actor has just presented his new movie 'Cogan' (the original title is "Killing softly say"), Andrew Dominik. It is a gangster film taken from the novel "Cogan's Trade", George V. Higgins, author so beloved by Quentin Tarantino. There Brad Pitt interprets Jackie Cogan, a killer recruited by the mafia to kill two criminals. An antihero who fails to hate. A killer who suffers from empathy, therefore shoots from afar, without approaching his victims, "because the cry, asking mercy." While he suggests that "wants to kill gently." With him there Angelina-n, that beauty does not know with whom to compare. It is simply divine. It is simply and beautifully dressed. "We have a perfect family. Children are the center of our universe. Wealth and the greatest gift, "she says, while Brad supports with the words:" Yes, we are the most beautiful family in the world. "

The role of the killer is not negative for a family dad like you?

I'm not afraid to do heroin and nor antiheroin. I am able to explain to my children with every word of what I do.

And you feel like Jackie Cogan, who says: "America is not a nation, it's just business?"

No, I do not. My country is not so, but it depends on how you used the word business. We have always been a hardworking people. I'm not against capitalism, but to protect the integrity and fairness to be guardians. It is barbaric to live in our world and I think it is absolutely moral to tell things as they are, as it has done Dominik ...

What you report with the director?

We have a very good relationship together, discuss and often zihemi things that do not agree, but never at the scene of the shooting.

Why did you choose to be part of this film ..

I liked the idea of ​​reflecting the economic situation we are living, the crisis and the lack of money. As I read this script, come to mind all the people who can not get a loan, or those living streets. In the U.S. there are many such. Cogan speaks for them.

Cinema is a way of saying serious things ....

Absolutely yes. And if you think best, so has always been in all the films that I fancy. Even movies with cards there is a clear message that is transmitted.

Cogan caste only male actors. What about your character women do not matter at all?

I use as entertainment, but not interested. Is focused on its mission as a murderer. Not judge others, but argues on the basis of natural selection: it contributes in its own way.

Many of the dialogues in the film based on some of Obama's speeches on equality and justice ...

Yes, but do not want the film to be seen so instrumental. I remember when Obama won, gjendesha in Chicago. It was a memorable night and his speech was very touching. But the face of today's disaster is impossible not to raise questions ...

Attendance at Angelina's debut as director in "In the land of blood and honey"?

Of course, all dealing with children. It does the same thing when I am busy.

Marriage date is not set yet. Why was engaged just now after 6 years of cohabitation and 6 children?

It is something that is only important to us. Or not Angelina?

"Yes, these things are so personal can not care about anyone else."

Lindsay Lohan keeps sex toys

Lindsay Lohan holds a box of sex toys in her bedroom while once occurred to her that she should lose the key to the box. Actress 'Mean Girls', once he lost the key of the box and has requested assistance from the master to open, revealing the contents of that box.

'It is a secret that Lindsay keeps her room a box that is filled with sex toys. One day she lost the key and maddening by calling master. She was so nervous that showed some toys craftsmen, who made a few jokes and left quickly ', said a source.

Nicole Scherzinger keeps bodily forms (photos)

Nicole Scherzinger has admitted that attendance Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton has been a challenge to like especially their relationship at a distance for most of the time. Speaking to British tabloid 'The Sun' she discovered that everything about where the picture appeared along with Chris Brovn was a manipulation.

She also denied published news that he was nervous, and the couple had had a fit when Levis was seen in the lobby of a hotel with ten women.


Lohan: My dad acts like that is concerned for me

After a few days ago Michael Lohan visited the farm of her daughter, Lindsay Lohan, the actress claims that his act was just an act. In fact Lindsay is reportedly angry with her ​​father and says there is no need for rehabilitation, because there are no problems with alcohol or drugs, broadcasts American portal 'TMZ'.

She believes her father does all this because the actress stopped all funding him, as recorded their conversation about her mother, Dinah, brought to the public. 26-year-old actress believes he is playing the role that he is worried about her health in order to regain her love. But now it is more than sure that you will stay away from him.

The father of the famous actress has expressed concern for his daughter, which, according to him, is in danger.

'Lindsay needs help as there are around the wrong people. Can not be extended so the situation must change. I do not intend to see my daughter as he dies. I will continue to exert pressure on it, just as I have done so far, up to the moment when Lindsay will require assistance. There is a need for medications and need them now, 'said the father of the actress.

Naomi Campbell owner of a 'spaceship'!

Naomi Campbell and her boyfriend super billionaire who is likely to have on his side love her, built her a home in Moscow. An extraordinary building, located just outside the Russian city features a futuristic style, and many believe that it looks like a spaceship.

Unusual house, which is called Capital Hill, looks like a tool that will fly over the universe.

Russian entrepreneur Vladislav Doroni met with British supermodel since 2008, and reportedly plans to live in the mansion after they marry.

With a fortune estimated 1.5 billion euro, 46-year-old has a penchant for beautiful women and a style of living by doing what is called Donald Trump of Moscow, reported individual portal.

According to Gizmodo, the new house was designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid known in these styles and that it is also the brain behind those of famous buildings, including the opera house in Guangzhou and the London Olympics aquatics center.

It features giant panelev glass, smooth curves and ceilings extremely long.

2650 square meters is around house which inside will have a negligible luxury including a Finnish bath in the basement, a Turkish bath and a Russian bath, where 42-year-old supermodel can pamper yourself.

Of course, it also has its own gym, swimming pool, which turns into a large foyer for guests in the evening.

Two large white towers are located at the top of the building, about 20 feet above the ground, which are said to be the couple's bedroom.

The house is surrounded by pine trees where you will be focused and security guards.

This is not the first time that he bought Naomi's house after and last year she became the owner of a residence in Turkey, as Vladimir is manjak specific styles.kem.jpg

Kate Moss Confessor: I have used heroin (photos)

Famous model Kate Moss has published her autobiographical book called "The Kate Moss book".
In this book, Moss has confessed that it has never been anorexic and that has not ever used heroin.

"I have never protected from these" labels "that are made, while none of them was true," said the model.

Then she added that one of the reasons for not wanting to comment on media statements, has been for so was advised by her boyfriend at the time, starring Johnny Deep.

Mila Kunis: I'm not pregnant

Mila Kunis has denied the news of her pregnancy. Pink cast media hypothesis that the actress is expecting a child by Ashton Kutcher after she was photographed with slightly bulging belly, shtunë.Zëdhënësi day Hollywood actress has stated that there is no truth in the news published over the weekend.

29-year old, who was recently voted as the sexiest women in the world, has previously expressed a desire to become a mother. In an interview for the magazine 'Glamour' she said: "I want to form a family. Will give up careers to be in love and with a child, "reported TCH

Ashton Kutcher wants to become a parent. A friend of his told the magazine 'Star': "Ashton is aware that is 34 years and there is no time. He has always wanted children, but Demi Moore this was not possible because of her age. "

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a few months on, but have never officially accepted it.

Serenata Justin Timberlake for Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake singing a serenade to his wife, Jessica Biel as soon as the latter was walking towards the altar martesës.Këngëtari day and the actor said to the magazine 'Hello!': "I thought it was something that I was able tooffers. I saw men in that age began to cry with emotion. "

Hollywood couple married in Borgo Egnazia resorts in Puglia, Italy in a week long full cost 6.5 million dollars, reports TCH.

31-year-old added that his partner dresses pink dress was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were married on 19 October.

Lady Gaga ready to leave everything for love

Love story with Taylor Kinney seems to runs smoothly, so that Lady Gaga is ready to put aside her career to create a familje.Siç reports Radaronline, the singer is very happy and does nothing but repeatsTaylor how many loves and wants to marry and have children together.

Surely the singer will continue to work even after you have a family, but it seems that her priority in life is love already.

A source close to the couple ensures that Taylor shows special attention to her, so she sees it as the right one.

Apparently lucky day is coming soon for a successful singer.

Beyonce earrings with the name of Barack Obama (Photo)

Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, have openly expressed that they are ardent supporters of Barack Obama and organized fundraising evening. So Beyonce is great support for Obama, that is photographed holding earrings exactly his name.

Support Beyonce and Jay Z on Obama is a big plus for the latter, while a number of other important artists as Madonna or Katy Perry, asked by Americans to vote for Obama.Vathet.jpg

This is the difference between Messi and Ronaldo

Since the 2009 season undoubtedly Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo are the two best players in La Liga. Media, analysts, journalists are always getting their comparison of opponents in La Liga.Messi until now has reached 1,033 goals in the match, while Ronaldo 1031 goals per game. 181 matches held so far, Messi reached 187 goals, while Ronaldo from 157 matches has reached 162 gola.Dallim great Messi and CR7 observed in assisting them where Messi managed 70 assists, while Ronaldo 37.

Paula Labaredas CR7's new girlfriend ..!?

Portuguese Beauty, Actress, Model, showgirls, Paula Labaredas known for its typhoid crazy for Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, purported to present has been removed from CR7 mind bukuroshen Russia Irina Shark